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Saint Lawrence County Historical Association

St Lawrence County Historical Association

Complete redesign - because this is a well-indexed site, part of the problem was maintaining existing structure for search engine ranking and visitors' bookmarks. Because the site's hosting doesn't include a database, we custom wrote its calendar.

Sister Carol Cimino

Sister Carol

Sister Carol, a published author and country-traveling speaker, needed a site to distribute copies of her material which she previously made available by e-mailing over a low-speed dialup. She now refers people to her website, and instead spends time answering questions.

Capital District Farmers Market

Capital District Farmers Market

A former client liked our work so much that when he moved jobs, he hired us to update his new website and to implement new features. This site was completely redesigned to complement a new marketing campaign, and a backend management system added.

AHN Soccer Website AHN Track Website

AHN Soccer and Track

These two sites were done as a platform for me to post pictures taken at my daughter's high school athletic events. Along the way, I realized that I could provide additional useful information in the form of schedules and results. This is done with extensive use of databases to allow for rapid updating and flexible viewing of information. And when my daughter graduated and other parents wanted to continue the sites, I worked out a way for them to provide ongoing updates.

Due to semi-retirement, several of these sites no longer exist online. However, you can see at archive.org that they hold up technically.